Licensing Terms

License Group 1 (Social Media license)

  • Includes all editorial online-videos (payed online-ads excluded)
  • Website background-music
  • College projects: DVD’s and Bluray’s up to 1,000 pieces, presentations, non-commercial show

License Group 2 (Social Media license flatrate (suscription))

  • Same usage as in Social Media license but for an unlimited number of pieces

License Group 3

  • Image-video/films, product-videos, editorial radio usage, TV-videos inluding Social Media usage, fairs and corporate events
  • Online commercials with a total budget up to 1,000 USD
  • Phone holding-music (one license per branch office)
  • Mechanical reproduction (DVD, Bluray) up to 1,000 pieces

License Group 4

  • Online-commercials up to 10.000 USD budget
  • Radio commercials (one commercial, one-year license)
  • Regional Cinema-commercials (one commercial, one-year license)
  • Mechanical reproduction up to 5,000 pieces, payed downloads up to 1,.000 clicks

License Group 5

  • Online-commercials up to 20.000 USD budget
  • Nation-wide radio and cinema commercials (1-year license)
  • Apps and video-games
  • Nation-wide TV-commercials
  • Mechanical reproduction up to 10,000 pices, payed downloads with up to 10,000 clicks

License Group 6

  • Online-commercials with up to 50.000 USD budget
  • Mechanical reproduction more than 10,000 pieces
  • Payed downloads with more than 10,000 clicks


Do you need another license not included in this list? A license for a commercial with a budget of more than 50,000 USD? Do you need an individual composition?

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